A cross and a bible, sculpted
to top a Christening cake.
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Custom Treats
Custom orders can be produced to your specifications in any size or quantity.   
These hand-sculpted treats can be used for unique gifts, party favors, cake toppers or corporate events.  
Below are some examples -- scroll down to see them all.
We can ship all of our treats!  E-mail or call for details!
Marzipan rendition of the  
Blackberry Bold, sculpted
in actual size.
A gorgeous chocolate rose is
perfect to top a cake or on its
own. And it is a spectacular
Valentine's Day treat!
Bride and groom bunnies are
personalized with the bride's
dress, the groom's suit and the
couple's hobbies and interests.
These pink marzipan boots
were sculpted for a baby
shower -- how cute are they!!
Cupcake toppers sculpted from
marzipan to resemble consumer
technology products.
A jungle scene, complete with
palm trees!
A complete chess army for a
chessboard cake, sculpted out
of marzipan, includes edible
silver and gold crowns.
Characters and elements from
the children's classic story
"Goodnight Moon", sculpted
in marzipan.
A unique wedding present for
a couple who are fans of
cartoon character Owl Jolson.
A pirate scene, including
pirates, sea creatures and scuba
diver, all sculpted in marzipan.
A 2010 Ford Mustang,
sculpted in marzipan. Order a
sculpture of your favorite car!
An entire rock band, sculpted
by hand from sugarpaste and
painted using edible paint.
A fleet of trucks, all sculpted
in marzipan.
A medieval knight scene,
including knights, dragons,
horses, tents and a jester, all
sculpted in marzipan.
Pairs of animals from Noah's
Ark, all sculpted in marzipan
and painted by hand.
Get your own circus sculpted
in marzipan!
Pink and purple fairies were
handcut from marzipan and
attached to sticks for fairy
lollipops in each cupcake.
Two friends from "My Little
Pony", sculpted to put on a cake.
A toolbox and tools for an
electrician and handyman.
Get your favorite book sculpted
in marzipan!
A Star Wars Lego starship
sculpted in sugarpaste for a
Star Wars Lego lover.
Have your favorite paintings
reproduced in sugar!
Your favorite characters from
Baby Einstein are now edible
Your favorite big city icons
recreated in sugar!
A hand-sculpted pond filled
with a variety of adorable
sea otters.
Turn your favorite animals
into placecard holders!